There is no risk. We do everything!

It can seem like too much work even to investigate whether yet another telecoms company that can offer you a better deal. After all, you already face;

  • 10 calls a day from telecoms companies saying they can reduce your costs
  • If you do respond they want you to find the time to make copies of your bills
  • You think you’ve got a good deal anyway, so is it worth the effort?
  • Then they want time for a meeting, and in the end can only offer a few percent savings
  • Our approach is to make it as simple as possible. All we need is permission from you that we contact your current telecoms provider (the text below on a signed company letterhead is enough) simply so that we can see the tariffs and spend that you are incurring.

    "As part of a cost reduction exercise we are working with Logic Comms Limited and have granted authority to them to access and review our telecom billing data. We would be grateful if you would provide them with full access to our tariff and billing data.

    Yours faithfully"

    There is no risk to you; we do everything.

    We come back to you with a short report (no cost or obligation) explaining areas of savings potential and proposed tariff options, with ballpark savings. It could even include you staying with your current provider but us negotiating a better deal for you, if for some reason that is your preferred option.

    Only once you know it is worth your time do you even need to meet with us – although we are happy to meet with you up front of course!